seeking advice on tech and conflict resolution :boosting_ok: 

my friend group is trying to be better at communicating and holding each other accountable when we fuck up so that we can do better, but our current habits (in part, defined by the mediums we use to communicate) make that difficult, currently.

i would appreciate advice and recommendations about:

- how to keep an audit log of messages on Discord without it being super invasive, primarily to keep track of deletions

- ideas on how to keep vents about members of the group separate from the group, and to not let them hinder actual communication

- general conflict resolution practices in a non-hierarchical setting

seeking advice on tech and conflict resolution :boosting_ok: 

@hatch honestly i feel like venting is only ever useful if it's to an entirely separate party, or even a non-animate entity (a diary, a note, a shout to the void) unless the purpose of the vent is to feel Seen. if it's just to process feelings externally then an entirely separate space would be what i advocated for, for each member of the group to identify, maintain, and utilise independently

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