seeking advice about taking art commissions :boosting_requested: 

i've never formally seeked clients for digital art commissions, but i am often short on money and my savings are running out

i have no clue how to go about it in terms of advertising, accounts, platforms, contacts, setting prices... any help would be much appreciated

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seeking advice about taking art commissions :boosting_requested: 

@hatch @Curator @dibi58 if you can afford to buy yourself a book, I highly recommend “Real Artists Don’t Starve” by Jeff Goins.

seeking advice about taking art commissions :boosting_requested: 

@hatch @Curator
If I remember the name right, #99designs. Or something like that. Your art could be someone's logo!

Also, some people have had success with platforms like #Upwork. Not all people looking for contractors online are cheapskates. You can find some golden and really kind-hearted clients out there.

Good luck. Hope you find your flow soon and job offers start pouring in. 🙏
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seeking advice about taking art commissions :boosting_requested: 

@hatch @Curator ko-fi has options for commissions now. And as for pricing, always make sure you're at least making a decent hourly wage.

@hatch @Curator the best advertising and this is how I've got more commissions than I can handle is to share your art and drop a link to your commissions as well. You've already someone's attention about your art, there is no better advertising space.

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