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If you're going to boost my latest piece (which I appreciate), please boost the version on my art account 💛

cc @Curator

art wip, advice needed :boosting_requested: 

advice welcome because idk if i want heavy lineart or just paint for the final version (the final version will have alt text, as usual)

Skyrim being played on a pregnancy test, courtesy of my YouTube recs.

musings on queerness and community 

re: the conversation @charlag is referring to that we had the other day

i think a lot of intra-community discourse about who "is actually queer" stems from the fact that people think there's like, people who have been part of the community historically and as such have an historical, inalienable right to be part of said community, as opposed to labels that were established much later

i personally think of the queer community as a group of individuals coming together under the same plight and seeking liberation in similar areas. i think that's why i've always found stuff, like, say, ace discourse quite baffling. it's not about whether ace people can claim to be part of the queer community, it's about what parts of the fight we share, and how we are stronger together

article-comic rec, housing, undescribed source material 

this is a lovely comic on how AirBnB is affecting us residents of tourism-heavy cities

seeking advice on tech and conflict resolution :boosting_ok: 

my friend group is trying to be better at communicating and holding each other accountable when we fuck up so that we can do better, but our current habits (in part, defined by the mediums we use to communicate) make that difficult, currently.

i would appreciate advice and recommendations about:

- how to keep an audit log of messages on Discord without it being super invasive, primarily to keep track of deletions

- ideas on how to keep vents about members of the group separate from the group, and to not let them hinder actual communication

- general conflict resolution practices in a non-hierarchical setting

gender talk 

I think about why I ID as a man despite my vehement wish for a dilution and designification of gender and it always comes down to my love for other men and the capactity to mold the privileges i hold. i speak as someone who's trans, for context, so those privileges are more tied to the being exempt of transmisogyny and other parts of transmasculinity. idk, this was very nourishing food for thought, as usual.

re: @schratze's thoughts on manhood

Disco Elysium, I'm sitting here howling with laughter 

ENCYCLOPEDIA [Formidable: Failure] — You know what a bear is. It's a large, furry mammal.

RHETORIC [Medium: Success] — You also know that this is not what they're talking about. It's probably some kind of euphemism. Maybe, they know you don't know, and they're keeping you out of the loop, on purpose.

REACTION SPEED [Medium: Success] — Kitsuragi nods in silent agreement; he must know what they're getting at. Maybe, he'll let you in on it.

YOU — (Whisper) Kim, what's a bear?

KIM KITSURAGI — He ignores your question completely.

EMPATHY [Impossible: Success] — This is not the lieutenant's normal blasé disinterest. On the contrary, he's being purposefully silent. Imperceptibly, he's straining. It's like he's trying to fuse every bone in his body together, in a concentrated effort to keep his jaw from moving.

His mind has something to say, but his body will not let it out.

He's thinking, "You, but gay."

1. Me?
2. What the hell does that even mean?
3. How does he know I'm not gay?
4. I could be gay.
5. "Kim, how do you know I'm not gay?"

i'm begging friends and followers to tell me if i need to CW anything more explicitly or use a special tag for filtering purposes

seeking advice about taking art commissions :boosting_requested: 

i've never formally seeked clients for digital art commissions, but i am often short on money and my savings are running out

i have no clue how to go about it in terms of advertising, accounts, platforms, contacts, setting prices... any help would be much appreciated

cc @Curator

mistakes were made 

me, for the first time in my life: [shows people Arcane without the intention to drag them into a League of Legends sinkhole]

@charlag and @septuplegood: Oh, I really want to play League now

looking for media recommendations :boosting_ok: 

i am looking for audiovisual media that
- is slow paced
- has audio description in either English or Spanish
- is comforting to you

my favorite genre is dramedy and i prefer movies to TV shows, but anything is welcome

i was revisiting old sketches today and i'm really proud of my "why isn't anyone giving viktor a rad wheelchair in modern AUs, he's a mech-cyborg nerd" phase and the wheelchair studies it led to

wake up, people, new disabled pride flag just dropped

A few months ago, I got a portrait of Kim Kitsuragi () from @Mirima. I am still over the moon.

He is one of my favorite characters of all time, a kind man, a hand to hold on to through the turbulence of life.

It never fails to comfort me to see a gay man of color with a visual impairment treated with love, respect and dignity by the writers and the fans.

我要在我的简历上写下“我发现了 Fediverse 中国极乐迪斯科的粉丝,现在我的一生都在谷歌翻译上” :sobbing_into_hands:

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